‘Baldur’ Product Update – Jan 2020

Data Dwell Product Update

Happy New Year from the Product team at Data Dwell! Our latest product update is named after the Norse god of light, joy, purity, and the Summer Sun. The last of which feels like a distant memory to most of us right now.

To brighten up your January, we have some enhancements and new features to our Sales Enablement App that will be available to all customers next month. If you have any questions about these updates or want to see a detailed demonstration then please get in touch via your account manager or datadwell@ypopov.2create.studio

If you aren’t already a Data Dwell customer and want to talk to us see the contact us page 🙂


UX/UI Enhancements

We have improved the experience of using our microsite (where content is displayed) by adding the following features:

  • Improved on-page zooming and scrolling
  • Support for embedded links within a PDF, which is reported in the component and via alerts
  • PDF thumbnail navigation – when navigating a PDF you can now use the thumbnails at the bottom of the screen to move to the location you need.
  • Keyboard navigation – use the keyboard to navigate through documents

New Content Portal

When sharing content with prospects or customers via Data Dwell Sales Enablement, we are now able to add and remove content to the same URL. Providing customers with a single location to find all the content shared with them throughout the customer journey. New content can be added, updated or removed within the Salesforce component.

Gated Content

Sharing content and having it easily accessible is a core benefit of Data Dwell Sales Enablement, but sometimes there is a need to narrow or restrict access.

With this new update customers and prospects can be asked to enter one of the following in order to identify themselves:

  • Any email address
  • An email address with the company domain
  • The specific email address on the contact/lead whom the content was sent

Exclude Internal IPs

Add your office location IP addresses to an ‘exclude list’ allowing you to test links, and view the content you are to send without impacting the scoring for that record.


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